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Five Reasons You Need A Will

| Jun 11, 2018 | Firm News |

Reason 1.

Quite simply, to let your family know your wishes, in an enforceable document , in directing how your assets will be distributed after you pass away. A Will lists the property you have and where—and to whom—you want it to go.

Reason 2.

Avoid family drama and disputes. You’ve spent a lifetime working to get your family to get along. Without a Will, it can become messy. The kids that always got along (because you were alive to mediate and temper their issues) can have drastically different views later on regarding  what you wanted to do, each certain they are right.

Reason 3.

Avoid the probate process and expenses. Probate can easily take a year to complete. Probate may allow a breach of your privacy as most information becomes publicly accessible through court records.

Reason 4.

Children and charities. In a Will you can appoint the guardian you want to care for your minor children. We help you and your spouse discuss who this will be; you both need to be on the same page. Without directions in your Will, a guardian may be chosen who you may not want to raise your children. A Trust-based estate plan gives you even more control after you pass regarding when children can inherit. You can also create a giving legacy and direct money and assets to charities and causes you care about.

Reason 5.

Without a valid Will, the State of Minnesota decides. Do you have an estranged family member or a loved one with spending or substance issues? Are you in a long-term relationship but not married? Without a valid Will, your assets would be distributed by a probate court according to state statutes, not your wishes. So they could go to the family member instead of your significant other.

Use Someone Who Knows. 

Your Will must be carefully constructed to be valid and to avoid conflicts within the document that might open the Will to a challenge. The language should be clear to ensure that your wishes are clearly understood. And, the Will must be properly executed, meaning signed according to legal rules, to establish the Will’s validity.

Use Someone Who Cares.  Let rb LEGAL Help You.

Consult rb LEGAL , and learn more about how to make good, guided decisions for your estate.  The rb LEGAL team is sensitive to the issues and concerns of families and individuals. We have the tools to put your estate plan into place. We look at your entire picture, listen to your concerns, and create the documents you need without selling you something you don’t. Our Golden Valley firm works with clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Call us at 763-582-1414 to schedule an initial consultation, or you can message us directly on our contact page.

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