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Planning To Ensure The Welfare Of Your Pets – No Matter What Pet You Own When You Did It.

At rb LEGAL, LLC, our Twin Cities-based attorneys understand that pets are life companions and that you may want to secure their welfare in a future without you. Therefore, we help you protect your beloved furry and feathered companions in the event of death or disability.

Our lawyers help individuals throughout Minnesota draft estate plans according to their needs, including the protection of their pets. A pet trust may be an integral part of your estate plan to ensure proper care and financial resources for the maintenance of your non-human loved one in the event of your death or incapacitation.

What Would Be A Circumstance Where Someone Would Set Up a Pet Trust?

Pet Trusts cover ANY pet you own when you pass away, not just the pet you have today.  People typically set up a pet trust to be sure that their pets are taken care of after they pass. They do it for any number of reasons: they don’t have a large family and are concerned about who might be available to care for the pet, family members that are maybe used to pets in a rural setting rather than “fur-babies,” people that have a strong belief that they simply want that piece in place to give themselves Peace of Mind.

It can be done as a part of estate planning or as a stand-alone document. The difference between a pet trust and an agreement to care for your pet (a “pet protection agreement”)  is that a trust has a provision for an enforcer to be sure the pet is actually cared for as you requested. In short, people do this for Peace of Mind and the protection of their four-legged family members.

Crafting A Pet Trust Suitable To Your Needs

Spending on pets in the United States is projected to reach almost $100 billion in the next few years. Ensuring that pets are properly cared for after their owner’s death is an increasingly common concern. Maybe friends or family will take on the pet’s care, and maybe not.

How do you find reliable options beyond the family to care for a treasured pet? Pet trusts are, in our opinion, the best option. Pet trusts deal with the owner’s short- or long-term disability issues, too.

Our attorneys have presented at events and webinars, such as the Minnesota Horse Expo, the Minnesota Probate & Trust Conference, and National Business Institute webinars. We have taught other lawyers the things that pet parents want for their fur-babies. From birds to horses, dogs, cats, even a mule and a raccoon or two, we can draft the documents you need to make sure they are legally protected, and your wishes followed.

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