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Trusted And Experienced Legal Advisor For Your Business In The Twin Cities Or Greater Minnesota

We understand small business, family values, and the law. When you seek legal advice for your business, make sure you are represented by someone who understands you and your business goals, too. We’ve run businesses, and we know business law and strive to help people achieve their dreams.

At rb LEGAL, LLC, our business law team combines a unique skill set of experienced small-business management with legal experience to guide you through individual and organizational challenges. We work directly with many small business owners across the state, serving as their trusted legal advisor, both in day-to-day matters as well as when planning for future growth.

Guiding You Through The Legal Complexities Of Running A Business

Our team understands what it takes to run a business, because we, too, have kept the balance sheet, production, customer relationships, and growth going and continue to do so daily. We know family-owned businesses from personal experience: the family relationship, the operations, the challenges, and the joys. Because of this personal experience, our attorneys understand you, your successes and struggles, and what you are working to achieve. If you’re a small business owner, we would love to work with you on all aspects of your business, including:

  • Business entity selection and formation
  • Corporate documentation, maintenance, and retention
  • State and federal filings
  • Employee relations: Employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, letters of acceptance, noncompete agreements, employee handbooks, exit negotiations; the development and retention of strong, positive employees working within clear and focused strategic goals and standards
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and purchase agreements
  • Franchises: Selection, negotiation, relations, and exiting
  • Buy-sell agreements within a business, business continuity and succession planning
  • Building strong working relationships with various levels of investors, groups, city officials, franchise corporations, and contractors to successfully create a business from inception to opening
  • Building a board of directors and/or advisory board
  • Building relationships with vendors and other professional service providers
  • Purchase and sale of an existing business
  • General business consulting
  • Document organization and emergency preparedness

Simply put, rb LEGAL, LLC helps you fully understand the legal implications of certain actions so that you make good business decisions. Regardless of what stage your business is in, we will help you shield your operations, and we are prepared help you face the challenges of running a business in Minnesota.

Legal Counsel For Family Businesses

A family-owned business might feel like another member of the family. You put your passion, skills, and livelihood on the line every day to reach your goals and help your family. Our lawyers understand this. In fact, our founder, Rebecca Bell, has an extensive background in multigenerational, family-owned businesses. The leadership skills and business acumen these experiences have provided to our team translate into a unique ability to keep businesses focused on success while maintaining the family relationships for future generations. It doesn’t matter if you wear a suit to work every day or overalls. Our team’s unique skill set can help your business grow and thrive.

Our skills combine the areas of family and business to create a one-of-a-kind practice niche that serves family-owned businesses. Our knowledge of the law is vital to creating a sustainable business. We believe that relationships are at the heart of business success, as well as familial harmony. Our attorneys become an invaluable strategic partner by providing guidance on legal issues that can have an enormous influence on family business decisions.

Some Common Questions About Small Businesses

As a business owner, you have questions. Your decisions will shape your future and success. This is why every entrepreneur should talk to a knowledgeable legal advisor. Here are common questions – and answers – that may provide a helpful reference or starting point.

Do I really need a business attorney to set up my business?

Although using a lawyer is optional, additional counseling or guidance may help prevent some issues. For example, an attorney can assist you in determining the right business structure that helps reduce your personal liability. In addition, an experienced lawyer can help you draft employment or vendor contracts that remain compliant with the relevant government and tax regulations. Call today for a free consultation.

Can I start my business at home?

Yes, you can start your business in your own home. However, depending on the zoning laws of the Minnesota county you live in, you may not be able to have nonresident employees working at your home.

When do I need to apply for a tax ID number?

As a business, you may need a tax ID if you are a partnership or corporation, have employees, or receive payments from a state agency. Moreover, you may need a sales tax registration, also called a seller’s permit, if you sell certain services or products. We can get your tax ID number and form your business legally and professionally whether one owner or more.

Can I hire members of my family to work in my small business?

Yes, there are no laws against hiring family members. However, your family members are also subject to the same employment laws and regulations. Taxes regarding a family member’s employment may vary, which is why it is vital to have skilled legal advice to avoid noncompliance issues.

What is business succession planning, and why is it important for a company’s future?

When savvy business owners are contemplating retirement or leaving their entity for another opportunity, they rely on a business succession plan to streamline this transition. A sound succession plan often identifies how leadership roles will be transferred to minimize interruptions when owners and other leaders exit the enterprise in daily operations.

What type of business entity do I need?

Our attorneys will work with you to determine whether a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or other entity type is the right structure for your business, and then work closely with you to draft and file all documents required for organization and registration with the State of Minnesota.

What do the terms of my real estate lease agreement mean?

rb LEGAL attorneys represent both landlords and tenants in drafting, reviewing and negotiating real estate leases. Our goal is to provide clear expectations in the parties’ agreements to reduce the potential for conflict, and increase the likelihood of a successful landlord/tenant relationship.

Is my real estate zoned for commercial use?

Our attorneys will review government records and determine whether your proposed use requires special permission from government authorities.  When that is the case, rb LEGAL attorneys are here to assist you with the application process.

What legal services do you offer for small businesses in Minnesota?

  • Business Entity Selection and Formation
  • Corporate Documentation, Maintenance, and Retention
  • State and Federal Filings
  • New 2024 Required Filings
  • Employee Matters:
    • Employment Agreements,
    • Independent Contractor Agreements,
    • Letters Of Acceptance,
    • Non-Compete Agreements,
    • Employee Handbooks,
    • Exit Negotiations,
    • Create, Develop, and Retain Strong, Positive Employees Working Within Clear and Focused Strategic Goals And Standards
  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts and Purchase Agreements
  • Franchises: Selection, Document Review, Negotiation, Exiting
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Business Purchasing, Business Continuity, and Succession Planning
  • Building strong working relationships with various levels of investors, groups, city officials, franchise corporations, and contractors to successfully create a business from inception to opening
  • Building a Board of Directors and/or Advisory Board
  • Building relationships with vendors and other professional service providers
  • Purchase and sale of an existing business
  • General business consulting

Simply put, rb LEGAL helps you fully understand the legal implications of certain actions so that you make good business decisions – regardless of what stage your business is in.

How can your firm help with the formation and structuring of my new business?

To get the most out of your Small Business, we can help you choose the right structure depending on your needs to maximize chances of success. Each entity type (Limited Liability Company, Domestic Corporation, Partnerships, and others) offers varying advantages or restrictions when it comes to separation and protection of personal asset from business interests, name protection, tax flexibility, expense deductions, perpetual existence, and transfers to family members or buyers. Regardless of size, most businesses can benefit from legal entity recognition.

Can you assist with drafting and reviewing shareholder and partnership agreements? 

Absolutely. Whether you are the sole proprietor of a company looking to get documentation in order, a family business with numerous employees, or an employee being offered partnership, we want you to be protected. Whether that requires reviewing and editing documents, drafting new ones, or some combination of the two, rb LEGAL is here to help.

What kind of legal support do you provide for business growth and change?

At rb LEGAL, we are here to offer advice at every stage of your business’s life, from helping to select the best structure for a new business, to responding to your business’s growth by bringing in new partners and hiring employees, to preparing a succession plan for a new generation of leadership to seamlessly lead the business into the future.

How can you help if my business faces unexpected events like bankruptcy or acquisition?

When unexpected events happen with your business, chances are we’ve seen them before. At rb LEGAL, we can leverage our past experience dealing with similar situations to provide a steady voice through uncertain events, and peace of mind that you have a team in a corner fighting for your best interests.

What is your experience with business and corporate law in various industries?

As a small, experienced law firm, we’ve seen all types of businesses come through our doors. While some legal requirements are the same for any business, some industries such as construction, trucking, and certain types of manufacturing, for example, have unique regulations that govern them. rb LEGAL has hands-on experience working with clients in many of these fields, and brings that experience to the table to find effective legal solutions for your business.

Do you offer legal counsel for early-stage ventures and startups? 

Some of our favorite clients to work with are those in the earliest stages of launching a new business. We love to see the all the creativity and dedication it takes in action, and are here to make sure the legal considerations are taken care of so you can focus on what matters most: getting your business started.

Can you act as an “outside” general counsel for my business?

Absolutely! We’re with you at startup and continue as your general counsel to address the variety of business issues that come up over the life of a business. As fellow small business owners; we understand how to prepare for and deal with the typical small business issues. We want to be part of your team and help guide you with legal and common-sense advice.

What specific legal needs can you fulfill for companies with in-house legal capabilities?

For companies with an in-house legal department, rb LEGAL offers a fresh, outside perspective to your company’s legal concerns. We bring to the table experience gained from working with companies in many industries, and can seamlessly integrate those solutions with your business.

How do you provide cost-effective legal solutions for small businesses? 

As a small business ourselves, we recognize the need to contain costs where possible. We know your legal budget is limited, and work hard to provide quality legal services without unnecessary costs and fees. Our approach is to find the most efficient and effective ways to serve your legal needs, and we are always working to find new ways to provide quality legal services without breaking the bank.

Are you able to assist with business mergers and acquisitions?

Yes! Part of our practice is assisting small businesses through the M&A process. Whether it’s time to sell your business, or you’ve found the perfect company to acquire, rb LEGAL is there to help. If you just need a little guidance with drafting documents, or want us to take a more active role in the process, we’re here to help.

How does your firm support businesses in managing legal risks? 

As transactional attorneys, we love nothing better than taking a hands-on approach to understanding your business’s operation, tailoring a plan to manage and mitigate risks, and ensure smooth operation. It’s our goal to minimize liabilities, and resolve disputes before they lead to litigation.

What makes your legal team suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses?

As a small firm ourselves, rb LEGAL understands firsthand the issues small businesses encounter on a daily basis because chances are we’ve encountered them as well. When we provide advice, it’s informed not just by theory and research, but our own experiences as well. You’re also so much more than a name and number to us. We’re invested in your success, and we love to see your business succeed.

How do your corporate lawyers leverage industry knowledge to benefit my business?

We spend every day working on the legal needs of small businesses, and have seen all sorts of unique matters come through our door. While your company may come to us for a legal need you’ve never before encountered, chances are we have dealt with it in the past, and bring that wealth of experience to the table to provide solutions for your business.

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