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Why You Should Keep Your Small Business Attorney On Retainer

| Apr 13, 2017 | Firm News |

What can an attorney on retainer offer?

When something in your business happens, you need to be able to address it quickly. You might not have time to call an attorney, set up an initial consultation, determine if you like them, and then move forward on your project. In business, you need to make things happen. That’s what having an attorney on retainer can do for you.
What can an attorney on retainer offer?
Having an attorney on retainer offers access to all the services the attorney offers, right when you need them. It’s basically like having an attorney on call. The retainer arrangement can be structured to fit your needs, from the duration of the arrangement to the scope and the cost. Services typically offered in a retainer arrangement include:
  • Drafting contracts, programs, policies, or other documents
  • Negotiating contracts or financing deals
  • Handling all of the legal details of your business, from attending board meetings to conducting follow-up meetings with stakeholders
  • Consistent access to the attorney for advice
  • Freedom to schedule attorney services as much or as little as needed – and it can vary from month to month
Who can benefit from having an attorney on retainer?
Retainers are most useful for businesses or individuals who need a lot of legal work over a spread out period of time, or need constant legal work but do not have the resources to hire a lawyer full time. Businesses or individuals who find themselves constantly with questions about the law can also benefit from an attorney on retainer. Have a question? Check in with your attorney. Need a document updated? Let your attorney know. Someone presented you with a contract but you’re not sure if it’s in your best interest? Ask your attorney for their opinion.
With an attorney on retainer, you have the benefit of in-house counsel without the expense. You also have Peace of Mind knowing that if something comes up you have the resources to handle it – and you can get back to your business faster. Contact any member of our team at rb Legal, LLC to learn about how we can provide you sound, legal advice whenever you need it.