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Rebecca Bell is the owner of LEGAL, LLC and a business attorney with nearly 25 years of experience representing  business owners and individuals.

Working with LEGAL, LLC, you will find us to be accessible, proactive to protect your interests, and highly responsive to your needs. Rebecca understands that relationships are at the heart of business success. She is committed to establishing long-lasting relationships with her clients to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Rebecca brings a unique skill set to her clients. She has worked with investor groups and individual owners. She has successfully worked with family-owned businesses, including her own, so she understands your perspective and concern.

Rebecca is a proactive lawyer, this means that her goal is to plan ahead wherever possible to help her clients avoid problems. However, when mistakes arise, she becomes the problem solver. She educates her clients to recognize the red-flags that signal a potential problem. Clients don’t need to know how to solve the problems, because that is what Rebecca does. She makes it easy for them to focus on operating their businesses. Her mission is to partner with her clients and help them be agents in their own success.

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