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Legal Navigator: Guiding Your Business One Month at a Time

Subscription Tiers:

  1. Starter Subscription “The Legal Roadmap”:
    • Monthly fee: $350
    • Included Services:
      • One hour of consultation via phone or email; including general advice, drafting or review, of basic documents.
      • Annual renewal filed with Secretary of State*
      • Annual review of company operating documents*
  2. Standard Subscription “The Legal Compass”:
    • Monthly fee: $750
    • Included Services:
      • All services included with the Legal Roadmap
      • One additional hour drafting and review.
      • Quarterly brand review*
      • Annual legal strategy review1*
      • Additional hours of work discounted at 5%

Additional Features:

  • Quarterly check-ins to assess client satisfaction and adjust services as needed
  • Flexible billing options, including annual prepayment discounts (10%)

Terms and Conditions:

  • *Items unlocked after 3 months for monthly plans.
  • 1Annual legal review includes review of all corporate documents to ensure their continued alignment with the company’s goals, ownership structure, and future plans. It includes a list of recommended updates, if any.
  • Subscription fees are billed monthly in advance, and are considered earned on day 1 of the month.
  • Subscriptions may be cancelled with fifteen (15) days’ written notice to rb LEGAL. If Subscriber has paid for the year, any unused months will be refunded. Any unpaid fees and expenses will be due upon cancellation.
  • Services provided under the subscription are subject to the firm’s standard terms of engagement and conflicts of interest policies.
  • Estate planning and probate matters are excluded from the subscription, and will be subject to additional fees.
  • Unused hours do not roll over into the following month.
  • Filing fees, document fees, copy fees, postage, travel expenses, and any other expenses and fees are not included in the monthly subscription cost.
  • The firm reserves the right to adjust subscription fees and service offerings with one month’s notice to clients.

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