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Was Aunt Edna Acting Stranger than Normal?

| Dec 1, 2015 | Firm News |

Caring for the Elderly with Proper Planning

Getting together with family over the holidays is always an adventure. You cart food and people to a central location for a day of food and forced (often fun) family confinement! But did you notice that Aunt Edna is just a little stranger than normal? Holidays are times when you get together with extended family that you haven’t spent much daily time with over the past year. You start getting glimpses of physical and mental aging changes. This might be the time to start a conversation around home safety, who is checking in on relatives (and how often) and of course, estate planning. I hate to tell you, it’s not if, it’s when and the when usually is before you are ready. Don’t let important documents go by the way side because no one wants to bring it up. Older people are often pretty pragmatic regarding their eventual passing. They may need help or just a little caring nudge to get it taken care of. It will save heart-ache and stress down the road. Prevent a messy situation and get things done now.