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What To Expect

Casual. Informative. Helpful. That's what you can expect when meeting with our team. We listen to you and find the best solution for or to meet your needs.

What to Expect

You can probably relate to our founder Rebecca's experience. She hadn’t started law school at the time her grandfather got ready to do his will. It was a big occasion. He got dressed up in what he called his “funeral suit,” a navy pinstripe that he wore to weddings, funerals and planned to be buried in. Rebecca, her grandfather and her mother went downtown Minneapolis to a fancy lawyer’s office. They felt intimidated. They had too much lawyer for too few assets, but didn’t know that. They felt embarrassed and Rebecca remembers her grandfather apologizing for taking this fancy lawyer’s time for his little farm and bank account. 

Nobody should feel that way. 

Planning for life events isn’t always easy. We want to be the ones who listen, understand and make you feel wanted and welcome.  

At rb LEGAL, LLC our entire team genuinely appreciates the trust you, as our client, place in us. We become part of your team to help you and your family and future generations.  

Thank you for the opportunity to be at your side . . . listening, caring, and helping you every step of the way.

We don’t give you just a piece of paper, we give you peace of mind.

Compassion. Connection. Solution.

Key Values

We strive to prevent problems.

We team up with our clients and their families.

We are a law firm who cares.

We let our clients know what to expect.

We take pride in what we do and speak honestly.

We are a place where clients refer their friends and family.

We engage and empower.

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