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Estate Planning Attorney - Golden Valley, MN

At rb LEGAL we help our clients understand how their decisions now can help loved ones in the future. 

Estate Planning Lawyer

rb LEGAL provides sound advice and counsel to clients in estate planning, succession planning, incapacity planning, probate, and estate administration. We know these aren't always easy conversations. That's why we provide a comfortable, informal environment for you and your family to truly understand how your decisions today can help your loved ones in the future.

We want our clients to have peace of mind about the documents we help them put in place. Our team will review your needs and draft only the right documents for you. We will help you understand your plan and provide guidance on how to maintain it. We also advise estate planning clients on ways to preserve family unity through judicious drafting of needed documents.

rb LEGAL, LLC works with you to develop documents specifically appropriate for your family including:

  • Wills: Ensure your wishes are documented and followed. Who needs a will? Individuals, couples, families, empty nesters, second marriages and those who don’t like the state’s legal plan for their property.
  • Trusts: Protect your assets, your loved ones, and keep your information private. Trusts can protect and provide for you, your spouse, children, grandchildren, loved ones with challenges and special needs, pets, houses, land, family farms, cabins, charitable gifts, small businesses, gun owners, and more.
  • Probate: Navigate the frustrating court processes, documents, and intricacies of estate administration.
  • Guardianships/Conservatorships: Plan for minor children, those with special needs, or those with long-term care needs.
  • Incapacity Planning: Get the right documents in place so that your loved ones can care for you and your property if something happens.
  • Health: Designate someone to make decisions for you and describe your health care wishes, concerns, and plans by executing a Health Care Directive document.
  • Document review: Update information and review current documents to be sure they align with your specific needs.
  • Other Planning: Consider your need to plan for real estate; charitable, legacy, and planned giving, a non-citizen spouse; a significant other; education expenses; life insurance; estate and gift taxes; digital property and access to digital assets; family heirlooms and collections; beneficiary designations on financial accounts; and other important people and assets.
  • Document organization and emergency preparedness.

We don’t give you just a piece of paper, we give you peace of mind.

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Key Values

We strive to prevent problems.

We team up with our clients and their families.

We are a law firm who cares.

We let our clients know what to expect.

We take pride in what we do and speak honestly.

We are a place where clients refer their friends and family.

We engage and empower.

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