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Practice Areas

Learn more how our legal team can help protect you, your family, and your business.

We work in five legal areas:

Estate Planning
Proper estate planning today can prove beneficial down the road for you, your family, and the care of your property. Wills, Trusts, Pet Trusts, Medical Assistance advance planning, and other tools help create peace of mind.

Pet Trusts
More of us are planning around the furry or feathered family we love. A Pet Trust protects not just the pets you have today, but whatever pet you own at the time you pass. We know what questions to ask about your pets—whether they are birds, cats, dogs, or horses—to create a Pet Trust that protects your furry or feathered companions.

Probate & Trust Administration
In difficult family times, you’ll want a trusted partner to help you administer or manage your loved one’s estate. Whether your loved one had a will or a trust (or had neither), we are here to guide and support you in dealing with the many duties involved after a loved one passes.

Small Business
Build strong relationships and long-term growth with a well-guided business vision and problem-solver.

Whether horses are a business or hobby, rb LEGAL, LLC has the expertise to help you with the equine industry’s myriad issues and concerns. You need an attorney with specialized knowledge of horses and the law. You need an equine attorney.  

We don’t give you just a piece of paper, we give you peace of mind.

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Key Values

We strive to prevent problems.

We team up with our clients and their families.

We are a law firm who cares.

We let our clients know what to expect.

We take pride in what we do and speak honestly.

We are a place where clients refer their friends and family.

We engage and empower.

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