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Rebecca listened, guided, and supported me throughout the probate of my sister's estate. She patiently helped me understand and address claims as well as explained Minnesota legal requirements, which was important since I live in another state. Rebecca and her staff were readily available and responsive to phone calls and emails. My questions were answered, and they appreciated the information I provided. I highly recommend Rebecca Bell. She was a bright light during a difficult time.


I worked with Rebecca on several matters that were important to me.. issues that if were resolved well, would protect my interests for years to come. To say that I was nervous when I first consulted with Rebecca would be an understatement. However, my fears were unfounded. Right up front I knew Rebecca could handle my legal matters, her expertise was evident. But what turned me from a consulting client to a lifelong client is Rebecca's capacity... capacity to care, capacity to listen, capacity to move through complex issues and fully support the person. Rebecca knows how to focus on what matters to her clients. Excellent legal advice, successful outcomes coupled with great capacity to meet client’s needs... that’s what matters to me and is why I choose to work with Rebecca.


Becky has worked with my church (I'm a pastor) for many years. She has proven an ardent advocate for our interests in both disputes and lease negotiations. As such, she's helped ensure we had adequate protection and compensation with building tenants. That says something about her ability to read closely and smartly, and to attend well to details. When a conflict arose, she was quick to understand not only the relevant facts of the matter, but also to formulate a plan that would protect the church in the quickest manner possible. We never worried that she was prolonging the dispute in order to provide herself more billable hours. Just the opposite, in fact. So again, a forceful ally when we needed one.

Yet she isn't a one-trick pony, the kind of lawyer who only knows how to walk into a room, guns blazing, demanding no surrender. She's subtler, wiser, more varied in her strategies. I have witnessed her press full strength, unwilling to compromise when she knew we're in the right. I have witnesses her build rapport and relationship, such that our interests are advanced by honey, and not simply vinegar. I have always found her professional and respectful, even in moments of anxiety and frustration. In other words, I have respect for both her talent and her decency. I intend that to be high praise.

Indeed, as a lawyer's son, I've met all kinds over the years and consider Becky to be among my favorite type- one you would trust with your case and would invite to Thanksgiving dinner. She gets things done, and is fun to work with along the way. I know that members of the church have used her services for drafting wills, making end of life decisions, etc. While I was not a party to those conversations, obviously, I have heard nothing but good things about the work she performed, and the manner in which she performed. That she has been referred internally by these people to other clients, I hope, provides some assurance that my inference is accurate. In sum, I know Becky has her areas of focus, as do all attorneys. If your matter falls within her purview, I would highly recommend you contact her for a conversation. I anticipate you will be glad to meet her, and even glad to have her represent you. I know that we have, and expect to say the same in the future, since she's who we will always call first.


Rebecca Bell is a great lawyer! I hired her to do some small business duties (looking over a lease, getting out of a contract, and other little things I needed as a small business). She is very knowledgeable and organized. She looked ahead for me to know what I needed for my business. She also spent time to make sure the job was done right and that my best interests were protected. I appreciate all the work that she did and I would highly recommend her to anyone!


I contacted Rebecca Bell for some business forms that I needed for my business. Not only were the forms exactly what I needed but they were delivered lighting quick! Thanks so much for the great service.


Alexia was great to work with for our estate planning. She is very detailed and her responses were always prompt. She always clarified items we had questions about in a way we understood.


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