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How to Avoid Legal Battles in Your Equine Lease

Equine leases have significantly grown in popularity across Minnesota. When we talk about equine leases, we’re referring the to the umbrella that includes horses, pastures, breeding, facility, and other leases directly associated with horses and related industries. As with any other businesses leases, if not understood by both parties or drafted incorrectly, lease disputes can quickly escalate to time-consuming and costly lawsuits.

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Pony Rides for All (Who sign a liability release)!

Spring has sprung around the country! For many horse owners, warmer weather and daylight savings means more time and opportunity for horsey endeavors. It also means that more friends and relatives might ask if they can come over for a pony ride or a trail ride. Before you saddle up Ginger and Merrylegs to hit the trail or give a pony ride, consider requiring helmets for everyone under 18, and having all adults sign a liability release.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Equine Law

Owning horses can be an incredibly fun hobby, as well as a business, that allows you to spend a great deal of time with these intelligent and beautiful animals. However, there are some basics about equine law that every horse lover should be aware of.

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Tips for First-time Horse Buyers

Congratulations! First-time horse ownership, much like first-time home ownership, is an exciting time. You feel invested and exhilarated…and possibly a little overwhelmed. And that’s just from the shopping and looking! As you’ve probably gathered, horse shopping is a journey. Here are a few tips to help you bring home a great equine partner.

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I recently had my horse, Gobain, shipped to me across several state lines. Along with checking multiple shipping company references, I reminded myself to check with my new state to see what I needed to do, legally speaking, to “import” my horse. I know, importing makes it sound like I brought a super fancy horse over from Europe, but the reality is that moving a horse from state to state can be more complicated than a lot of people think. So, here are some questions to ask yourself!

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