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Did You Ever Work On A Farm As A Kid?

Proposed Federal Regulations will update the 40 year old laws governing how kids work on farms, including family farms.

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Avoiding A Dispute When An Equine Lease Ends

Today is the last day of the lease of your horse and it’s time for him to come back to your barn. But wait…did you make any arrangements up front on how that was supposed to happen? When the lease started, the leasor made arrangements to pick up the horse and have it delivered to their barn. Now that it’s over, do you go get it, do they deliver it back, who pays for the cost of getting the horse back to your barn? What if they don’t respond when you try to contact them? Can you just go and get the horse? Have they moved it? Oops, did you think about any of this up front?

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Equine Leasing

Leasing is a wonderful opportunity for a potential new owner to expose themselves to multiple horses before buying. It can be a rewarding experience for both the leaser/lessee and the horse. Planning ahead in a lease agreement will ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.

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